Best Practice Webinar

Get Ready to Elevate Your Customer Experience with Apple Business Chat

Genesys is excited to be working with Apple as a Customer Service Provider (CSP) for Business Chat. With Genesys and Apple Business Chat, you can create world-class customer experiences by allowing customers to engage directly with your brand though iMessage. This powerful new integration empowers customers to launch conversations with your brand directly from Apple Maps, Contact Cards, Siri, Search, and iMessage.

Get a sneak preview of Apple Business Chat and learn about:

  • Extending brand presence using applications your customers already use daily
  • How your existing Genesys environment can accommodate Apple Business Chat
  • Providing the best customer experience possible by managing journeys across automated (bots and IVR) and assisted care, and all channels– including iMessage
  • How to get on the list!

Meet the Speakers

Jim Kraeutler
VP of Innovations

Christopher Connolly
VP of Solution Management