Genesys Talks with CX Leaders: IBM – Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

Is Your Contact Center Ready for the Next Era CX?

We are in the age of the customer – driving the digital transformation and encouraging disruptors in the marketplace. IBM and Genesys takes you on a journey into the era of customer experience with the emergence of the digital transformation and artificial intelligence that enhances brand recognition and customers’ desire for greater personalization. Welcome to the new era of customer experience!

Join us to discuss:

  • Transforming CX with IBM/Genesys
  • How disruptor Tangerine became a new digital banking business by offering seamless, personal omnichannel customer experiences
  • The role of AI and Virtual Assistants in offering personal self-service

By joining this interactive session you will walk away ready for the new era of CX to build great releationships with your customers!