Best Practice Webinar

Empower Your Team to be the CEO of the Customer Journey

Engaged employees are critical for a successful customer engagement strategy. However, only 13% of employees are considered truly engaged (Gallup Research), potentially hindering the level of customer satisfaction and business growth. Understanding your team’s Performance DNA will support omnichannel employee engagement, positively impacting your business objectives.

How do you make every employee the CEO of your customer journeys? Join this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Analyze the correlation between employee knowledge/skills and your team’s success
  • Optimize and deliver personalized training and coaching opportunities to improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase your business performance and operational metrics such as Net Promoter Score, sales conversion and first contact resolution

Meet the Speakers

Amanda Westwood
VP, Product Management at Genesys

Stefan Captijn
Director of Product Marketing at Genesys