Drive More Quality Calls and Get Credit For Contact Center Performance

As consumers, we often encounter a frustrating experience when transitioning between a company’s digital channels and the contact center. When we call a number on a website, we need to re-identify to the contact center – and then when we return to the browser, we’re bombarded with irrelevant ads and content, even if we already purchased over the phone.

For companies, when an online lead converts at the contact center, full attribution is often lacking. This means that individual agents and the contact center at large may not receive proper credit for vital contributions to the company’s bottom line.

A tight cooperation between contact centers and marketing can help solve all of these problems. Outleads’ plugin enables just that, facilitating communication between Genesys and marketing systems from the likes of Google and Adobe.

Join us as we discuss how to drive more quality leads to your contact center, convert them faster, and get credit for closed sales. Register below.

Meet the Speakers

Dorin Rosenshine
Founder and CEO

Brad Karp
VP of Sales