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Utilizing advanced analytics to improve business performance with Call Journey

Three key reasons to join the On-Demand AppFoundry Webinar with Call Journey:

  • Companies that actively utilize Voice/Speech Analytics spend 25% less on customer retention than those that don’t.
  • Most businesses monitor only 1% of their customer conversations. Automate your QA process and manage your risk & compliance challenges.
  • Speech Analytics users increase customer profitability by 13% (Aberdeen Group, 2016)

In today’s world almost every snippet of information is stored in a CRM or Business Intelligence platform. Customer phone calls, despite being one of the most abundant sources of customer information have been largely ignored. Manual Quality Assurance processes are costly and time-consuming. Now, thanks to the advance in voice/speech analytics, the contents of every call are just a few clicks away!

Join this AppFoundry On-Demand Webinar from Call Journey to learn how your business can easily automate call analysis, dramatically improve customer experience, risk management, and sales performance with Call Journey’s Conversation Analytics.

Meet the Speakers

Webinar brett marsh

Brett Marsh
VP of Sales North America, Call Journey


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