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Bridging the gap between marketing and the contact center: Using social media insights for advanced customer experience

In nearly every company, social activities have been the responsibility of marketing teams with each organization. In most cases, the tools they use do not integrate well, if at all, with the contact center platform. Still, contact center leaders need a 360-degree view of the customer journey to reach their omnichannel goals. This is challenging when many customer touchpoints are in digital channels that are hidden from them. The integration of HelpSocial and Genesys solves this problem.

This integration creates a bridge from the contact center to the social insights of the marketing department, giving the customer service organization a complete view of the customer journey and every touchpoint along the way—from within their contact center platform.

If marketing decides they still want to handle social monitoring and response, they can. The HelpSocial integration closes the gap between the data from social interactions in marketing and the contact center.

This on-demand webinar with HelpSocial explores their solution, which brings real-time conversation capabilities from social media networks into the agent interface. Register now and tune in at your convenience.

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