Boosting Revenue with Speech Analytics: the Efinancial Story

Featuring Lori Bauer, Director of Sales Support, Efinancial

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Almost every call center has a method in place for documenting and recording the outcome of every outbound call or the primary reason for all inbound calls, which is known as call dispositioning.  Call dispositioning helps outbound call centers to measure the effectiveness of their agents and every call they make; and it helps inbound call centers to improve their planning and staffing and to better understand their customers’ needs.

For Efinancial, a leading life insurance provider, if a call is incorrectly dispositioned, any potential future business relationship with the customer is immediately at risk. Attend this customer case study webinar to hear how Efinancial leveraged Speech Analytics to dramatically improve their call dispositioning and sustain an increase in revenue by over half a million dollars per year!

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  • Reduced their call dispositioning errors by 50%
  • Increased prospect-to-customer conversion rate
  • Boosted revenue by over half a million dollars per year

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