Drive Employee Satisfaction and Customer Success

Engaged employees are your most valuable asset. Not only are they on the front lines with customers, they’re increasingly responsible for building brand awareness and sustaining loyalty. To enable their success, they require the necessary technology, training, information and support to effectively and efficiently deliver seamless, personalised customer experience. By providing employees with what they need, you can maximise their capabilities and improve overall workforce management. 

Equip Agents with the Right Technology

Give agents the tools to deliver optimal customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. With a single omnichannel desktop, agents can manage channel interactions and work item queues with supporting context and knowledge through integration with CRM and other applications or knowledge bases. Employee engagement and satisfaction will rise, as well as service levels.

Optimise Resources across Every Channel

Schedules, forecasts and reports can be created for all channels, to better manage service levels, generate more insightful agent scorecards and improve training and coaching sessions. With greater insights and workforce management capabilities, attrition and costs are lowered while agents gain the support they need to succeed.

Route Customers to the Right Agent

Understand the right level of customer experience for each customer and match this with the experience level of the agent required. Automatically balance workloads with resources to continuously sustain service level commitments and improve agent utilisation, as well as first contact resolutions. The result is happier employees and happier customers.