Prioritise and Act on the Work That Matters Most 

Better handle the offline tasks and back-office processes to complete customer journeys.  Gain the visibility you need into how efficiently and effectively this work is done. Increase performance with workload management that gathers all tasks and interactions into a single queue, continually reprioritises them, automatically pushes the most important work to the right team member and provides real-time monitoring.

Take Control of the Entire Customer Journey

Effectively plan for the resources outside the contact centre needed to complete processes, including back office, branches, outsourcers and agencies.

Improve Your SLAs and Customer Experience

Track real-time KPIs and adjust your business logic to ensure you meet SLA commitments and employees work on the highest-priority tasks. You also have the insights to keep customers informed of progress, reducing their calls and emails.

Optimise Workforce Performance

Improve forecasting and scheduling across interactions and work items with real-time and historic insight into SLA and workforce performance. Increase work quality by granularly matching work to employees with the skills required to complete it.

Boost Employee Engagement

Give employees everything they need to serve customers in a single desktop. Ensure fair distribution of work for a balanced workload across business processes. Get the right work to the right employees. You’ll have happier employees and happier customers.