Leverage Simple, Drag-and-Drop Design Tools

Improve customer engagement by defining business rules, workflows and routing strategies across multiple channels. Provide business users with intuitive design tools for ongoing refinement. 

Allow Business Users to Design and Refine Customer Journeys

Iteratively design, deploy, manage and optimise customer engagement strategies without deep technical expertise.

Unify Management of Self-Service and Assisted-Service

Create customer service applications that deliver end-to-end visibility. Simplify how you design and optimise self-service applications

Continuously Improve Your Customer Experience

Identify changes in interaction patterns and opportunities for improvement with integrated reporting and analytics. Easily apply updates.

Leverage Your Existing Systems

Integrate with key front- and back-office applications to personalise engagement. Connect customers quickly, simply and reliably with the best expert the first time.

Centralise Administration of Multi-Site Contact Centre Operations

Configure and deploy applications across sites from a central location. Create a standard configuration for multisite deployments. Eliminate errors and minimise time and resources necessary to bring multiple sites online at once. Efficiently manage global deployments, provision resources and monitor applications.

Simplify Operations

Reduce the cost of geographic specific IT resources. Speed implementation and monitor enterprise-wide deployment with a single, centrally managed web-based application.

Unify Administration 

Keep your contact centre running effectively with an administration console that can deploy, provision, configure and monitor all applications from a centralised site.

Ensure Uninterrupted Service

Gain the peace of mind of 24/7 uninterrupted service in business critical operations. Eliminate single points of failure. Continue operations in the event of a natural disaster or network outage.

Protect Remote Locations with Disaster Recovery

Ensure continuous operations with automatic failover between local and remote sites. Rest assured that critical business functions will be unaffected.