Deliver the Right Level of Customer Experience

Give customers hyper-personalised experiences by routing them to the best resource. Move beyond queue-based routing to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs. Enable the best possible business outcome across every channel.

Optimise Every Interaction

Achieve the ideal balance between delivering great customer experiences and driving operational efficiency.

Intelligently Route Customers 

Leverage customer intent and history from CRM, case management and other back-office systems, to route customers in real time to the best available expert. Leverage enterprise business intelligence across sales, service and marketing.

Efficiently and Effectively Manage Business Rules

Quickly tune routing strategies without IT. Adjust business rules for prioritisation, customer segmentation, skills and schedules. Apply changes immediately across all channels and work items.

Prioritise Work Items Across the Enterprise

Proactively route work items for any system or process based on real-time availability and skills. Improve productivity and ensure high-priority work gets delivered first.