Omnichannel Isn’t The Same as Multichannel

Omnichannel is Multichannel (phone, email, chat, more…) combined with customer context (customer journey, history and open tickets, third-party info, and more…)

PureConnect Omnichannel Routing

Customers expect agents to know their history and status from all communication channels – email, phone, text, chat etc. But if your customer interaction channels operate in silos, your agents are operating at a disadvantage and customers get frustrated.

Consistent and Effective Customer Experiences

Consistent service is hard enough with the same staffing and processes - when service levels are not consistent across channels customer experience suffers, leading to reduced customer loyalty and declining profits.

A single routing engine for all interaction types that provides queuing and routing for voice, emails, chats, SMS, social media, video or any other channel is a better way to operate. Genesys PureConnect provides a single routing engine for all interaction types, with advanced routing for voice, emails, web chats, SMS, social media, video chats, or any other object. Agents have a unified view of the customer across all channels and managers can move resources to the channels with heaviest traffic from a universal desktop. Unified reporting allows interaction types and agent resources to be tracked, recorded and improved.

Better Service Starts With Seamless Channel Blending

When you provide consistent experiences across all channels, you can create long term profitable relationships, while containing costs and ensuring consistent quality improvement:

  • Increase productivity and provide a consistent level of care-with an agent desktop configured to manage all channels simultaneously–voice, web chat, email, SMS, social media, video, etc.
  • Get smarter about your traffic-manage service levels and handle demand fluctuation by following activities in real time, combined with tools to dynamically move resources from one channel to another as needed
  • Meet service goals-by monitoring, tracking and reporting by channel

Integrate Your CRM With Your Contact Centre

Add revenue streams to your contact centre with packaged CRM integrations that provide customer profile data, supporting contextual interactions that accelerate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Unleash the information that you already have in Salesforce or other Customer Relationship Management tools to drive your contact centre interactions:

  • Recognise cross-sell opportunities and respond with useful offers
  • Drive Routing decisions for high-value customers for special handling
  • Improve follow-up behaviours to improve customer stats and net promoter scores by including data-driven coupons and credits in emails.

Don’t have a CRM already? The PureConnect all-in-one strategy includes a lightweight customer database, Tracker, a lightweight customer “hub” that will give you room to grow.

Put Omnichannel Routing to Work For Your Team

Omnichannel is No Longer Optional