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Genesys IVR

This mini-tour provides you with a quick overview of Genesys IVR features that will allow you to create the self-service strategies your business needs.

Drag-and-drop flow builder

As an IVR developer, you can easily craft the self-service strategies your business needs by using Designer’s drag-and-drop interface. An extensive collection of prebuilt functional blocks accelerate development times drastically through simplified configuration options and writing less code for use cases including AI/NLU or ASR/TTS features or, transactional backend integrations

Omnichannel bot support

Designer allows you to easily import bots built using leading AI/NLU providers like Google Cloud, Amazon (Lex) or Microsoft (Bot framework), or Nuance. To have an end-to-end journey orchestration, all you need to do is choose your bot provider(s), import your configuration file(s), and insert your bots as needed within your self-service application.

Build once and deploy across multiple channels

With our Designer developer tool, you build an application once and can deploy it easily across multiple touchpoints including voice (IVR) and digital. From the Applications menu you can manage all the different entry touch-points you need such as social, chat, voice and deploy with a single click. You can also follow IT best practices by using a multi-stage developer process through Developer (Dev), Testing (UAT), Quality (QA), and Production (PRD) stages.

Adaptative IVR flows

Make your IVR adaptative in a way that it can easily identify the current journey state for the customer and then, activate the more relevant IVR branches. Designer makes this simple by leveraging 3rd party data coming from external transactional systems combined with custom data tables to enumerate all the journey state options. Then, through standard segmentation blocks, you can build the IVR branches needed to personalize your customer experience.

Monitor IVR performance

Customers expect simple, quick, and effective service when interacting with your IVR. Our IVR development application, Designer, provides detailed and fully customizable analytics dashboards that will allow your self-service teams to quickly identify navigational or transactional issues within your application, including bot effectiveness. With that, you can achieve the containment and resolution rates your customer expects.

Business controls

You can empower your business users to stay in control of your IVR with built-in, easy-to-use business controls. By modifying a set of predefined parameters, users can easily define operating business hours, activate emergency prompts for situations like severe weather conditions, or, define special business dates at any time without modifying the IVR flow. This saves developing and testing and reduces human error risk.

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