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Let's start a conversation

You’re managing a site that has a busy customer support team. Scaling can help reduce their workload. Let's examine how chatbots can interact on your website.

Begin the interaction

With a chat feature set up on your site, customers can seek guidance or support. Funnel users toward this feature with an automated prompt on the screen.

Enable self-service

After clicking the prompt, a chat window appears where users can type questions. An intelligent bot answers these questions using a robust knowledge base. Leveraging AI, your bots can understand the intent of the customer, even if there are typos.

Know when to get live support

Sometimes interactions require a live agent. This could be because of a customer preference or unique triggers, such as a high-ticket item cancellation or return. This will begin the process of handing off to an agent.

Transfer with context

When live support is needed, Genesys DX Agent Workspace checks for available agents. It then prompts them that an interaction needs their attention. They can start chatting at a moment’s notice with a full transcript of the conversation.

Provide real-time guidance

Give your agents AI-driven response recommendations based on the conversation. These can be selected and customized before sending. This greatly speeds up agent response times and supports new hires.

Leverage human intuition

You’ve now seen self-service, live agent handoffs and AI-driven agent assistance. Request a demo today to see how Genesys DX can help you unlock human intuition for an always-on self-service approach.