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Let’s manage HR conversations

While most employers believe they offer clear benefits communications, one-third of US employees don’t think they're easy to understand. With Genesys DX, employees can approach open enrollment informed and ready to make the best decisions.

Your internal chatbot

Quickly and easily deploy a Genesys DX chatbot on any internal support page or application. Give employees instant access to information any time, leveraging natural language processing to understand the intent of questions.

Seamless transition to HR members

For more urgent questions and situations, HR teams might want to connect an employee with a representative. With Genesys DX, you can seamlessly transition employees from self-service to a live chat conversation with a member of the HR team.

Assisting your HR team

Once a chat has been passed, it enters a visible queue for available HR team members. Rules can be setup to configure routing. HR team members that take over chats also get a full transcript of what was discussed.

Your HR knowledge base

Team members also receive smart advisor suggestions based on the conversation. These can be sent as is or a team member can edit them before sending. These come from your knowledge base and can be different or the same as those given by the chatbot.

Unlock human intuition

When it comes to open enrollment, empower your employees with immediate access to information when and where they need it. This also frees up your HR staff to work on your organization's more strategic and complex needs.