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Genesys CX Contact

This mini tour provides you a quick overview of the Genesys Contact user interface demonstrating how to easily manage complex outbound campaigns at scale and complexity of large enterprises.

Sophisticated campaign management

CX Contact helps build better customer relationships in your customers preferred channels: self-service, voice calls, email or SMS. It is user friendly which reduces any IT dependencies.

Simplified list management

Apply upload rules to easily break up your contacts into multiple lists. Automatically feed new contacts into your campaigns using list automations and create data mapping. Once a record is added or uploaded, CX Contact enriches it with our compliance data – a global data set is provided with the product

Built-in compliance

It’s never been easier as a business user to use CX Contact and its integrated compliance. Restrict contact attempts via suppression lists or permit contact attempts with consent lists, in real time. Define special rules for holidays and validate if a contact is safe to dial via an external source

Campaign analytics

CX Contact analytics is geared towards analyzing outbound activity: every event, decision, value that drives dialer behavior is stored and reported on. CX Contact analytics dashboards offers a variety of visualizations and in-depth reporting panels that highlight specific aspects of Jobs, Calls, SMS/Emails, Campaigns and more.

Call reschedule

Your customers are busy – you might catch them on the phone as they are headed out to pickup their kids from school. No worries – agents can easily reschedule calls to the customer’s preferred date and time using the super intuitive Agent Desktop application.

Data protection and security

Security, especially regarding personal customer data, is very important. That’s why CX Contact supports PGP Encryption – we lock down customer information in calling lists by encrypting contact lists, suppression lists or consent lists. You can also encrypt downloadable reports from CX Contact Analytics.

See all you can do

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