Sales engagement platform

Visibility into real-time data equates to selling power

With quarterly sales quotas looming, keep an eye on your team’s KPIs. You rely on customer insights for visibility into the sales cycle at any given moment—and you hope the data is accurate. As a sales leader, you must equip your team with the right tools and sales analytics to better engage customers and move leads through the qualification process.

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Time kills all deals

Get to the right prospect at the right time. Through reliable, web-based communications with customers, your team can turn opportunities into wins. The right contact center platform combines sales analytics capabilities to make more informed engagements with multichannel features like web chat and callback—putting you in touch with customers 24/7.

Serve your customers better with quality insights

Turn opportunities into wins

Your multichannel campaigns rely on accurate and timely customer data to target customer messaging and offers, and to increase sales . You want to move customers from the acquisition phase to qualification and conversion as quickly as possible. With the right sales analytics tools and contact center platform, you can develop better targeted outbound campaigns and move more opportunities into the win column.

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PureCloud has given us new intelligence about agents and the caller journey from start to finish, which has enabled us to improve performance and workflows. Combined, this has led to an increase in sales of about 20%.

Clifton Wareham, Manager of Operations, Resource Center

Get hot leads to closers

No business can engage with all leads all the time, making it critical to understand your customer journeys. AI-driven engagement monitors your website to identify when users move away from the goals of your website. Use the rich insights it collects to help sales reps or advisors better understand, connect with and assist customers. Select a contact center platform that enables your closers to uniquely engage with each prospect and convert leads into big wins.

Act on customer behavior

automated tools for lead distribution

Stop wasting leads

Assessing leads for high-value opportunities is fundamental for sales organizations. While most sales teams use automated tools for lead distribution, many still require a team member to perform quality checks and manually distribute higher value leads. The right lead management tools relieve that administrative burden and quickly route high-value leads to the best salesperson instantly.

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