The best way forward for large Avaya contact centers

Minimize risk and disruption with Genesys

Time-strapped customers want personalized, hassle-free interactions across a growing number of communication channels. Meet the needs of your customers—today and tomorrow—by moving to an open, stable and proven customer experience platform and provider. The right solution even lets you choose the pace of the migration to minimize disruptions and manage costs.

Unfortunately, a legacy Avaya contact center investment was never intended to support omnichannel customer engagements. Stop putting money and time into an outdated, voice-centric contact center that can’t provide the service level your customers expect. It’s time to decide how to move forward.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • Steps to mitigate risk by minimizing your reliance on aging Avaya investments;
  • Proven deployment options and migration strategies from Genesys customers;
  • Benefits of adding the market-leading Genesys Customer Experience Platform and solutions to your existing Avaya environment.

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