Cloud Agility

A native cloud solution, born and raised in the cloud, built to deliver continuous and rapid innovation. Distributed and decentralized. Just like you get your movie from Netflix—it’s always available.

Not a native cloud solution, just another legacy centralized solution hosted in data centers. Multiple major and minor releases, planning for upgrades, data centers with VMs. Not an elastic, stateless architecture.


All-in-One Solution

A single, all-in-one customer engagement, unified communications and collaboration solution.

You only get a contact center.



PureCloud offers full transparency. Pricing, SLAs, up-time, plus a complete online resource center full of tutorials, documentation and knowledge articles. We have nothing to hide and it keeps us accountable to our customers.

Shrouded in mystery. Does not publish pricing, documentation, SLAs or uptime (except a 12-month average); even on their “Trust” site. Complete lack of transparency. What are they hiding?



Same day activation. Rapid deployment. Days and weeks instead of months.

1-3 months–Wow! Isn’t cloud supposed to be simple?


Pricing and Terms

$69–$129 per agent: Includes Outbound, Agent Scripting, WFO and Speech. Annual and month-to-month options available. Simple pricing, flexible terms.

$100-$175 per agent. Extra cost for Outbound, WFO, and Speech. 1-3-year contract required.


Open Platform

An API-first, native cloud platform that spans every facet of the solution and reduces the learning curve for integrations. Lets you easily integrate your existing apps today and gives you a platform for the future.

APIs are an afterthought and not designed from the ground-up. Discrete APIs per channel with no platform-level API.


and Leadership

Innovation and leadership of Genesys. PureCloud is the Genesys innovation engine. With 600+ patents pending and 700+ patents. The undisputed market leader.

Originally a dialer company with only 7 patents. Financial woes contributing to lack of innovation.



A unified, native solution that supports many built-in channels, with full data and analytics for managing conversations across channels.

A hodgepodge solution of digital channels cobbled together through acquisitions. No native speech or WFO. Multiple user interfaces.


DIY Administration

DIY admin and more. Manage contact flows, queues, skills and more with a simple UI that keeps you in full control of your customer service channels.

Not a DIY system. Multiple interfaces for managing channels, contact flows, and more. You will need an experienced IT admin.


WebRTC Phone

Built-in WebRTC softphone means that all you need is a supported browser and a head set–no fuss, no muss.

No WebRTC phone. Requires a soft or hard phone which adds more cost and complexity.

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