The Total Economic Impact™ of Genesys PureCloud Study by Forrester Research.

Historically, upgrading your contact center solution was a costly endeavor. The Genesys PureCloud® solution breaks the mold with a three-year 571% ROI and payback in less than three months.

More than a ripple to the bottom line, the PureCloud platform is a proven, cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution. To better understand the benefits, costs and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed customers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific with years of experience using the PureCloud platform.

In this commissioned total economic impact study (TEI), Forrester Consulting examines the PureCloud platform to provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating the advantages it offers to your organization.

Download the Forrester TEI study to learn what your company can gain from moving to the cloud:

Benefits by Number

According to the Forrester findings, companies using the PureCloud platform can experience1:



Avoided $2M

in cost


Net Present Value


in < 3 Months

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1 Results are for a composite organization based on interviewed customers.

ROI CALCULATOR: Know Your ROI Impact in Three Minutes

The PureCloud platform has proven and quantified benefits. Use this online calculator commissioned by Genesys and delivered by Forrester Consulting to find out what ROI and benefits look like for your organization.

The ROI calculator requires you to answer questions such as monthly call volume, number of agents, current average handle time (AHT), etc. and takes three to four minutes to complete. At the end, you instantly download a custom TEI analysis prepared exclusively for you! It will provide a detailed analysis of the ROI and benefits your company can achieve by using the Genesys PureCloud platform.

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See the impact of the Genesys PureCloud solution on:

Greenfield Deployments and Small Businesses

Greenfield Deployments and Small Businesses

Whether you’re a small company looking to improve communications or a new company ready to implement a platform to grow with you, cloud-based solutions keep you covered.

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Organizations Moving from Less Advanced Cloud Platforms

Organizations Moving from Less Advanced Cloud Platforms

Modern cloud-based contact center platforms are nimble and adjustable, so you can leave the struggle behind and upgrade to a platform that’s made to grow with your business.

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Organizations Moving from On-Premise Solutions

Organizations Moving from On-Premise Solutions

Moving to a cloud-based, omnichannel contact center solution is a cost-effective way to successfully navigate business growth, technology advances and changes in customer preferences.

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Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Genesys PureCloud

Organizations using the PureCloud platform for their contact center are seeing bigger benefits and stronger ROI than ever before. In the commissioned study, "The Total Economic Impact™ Of Genesys PureCloud", Forrester Consulting provides a framework for evaluating whether to move your contact center to the cloud. This infographic illustrates the three-year financial impact of the all-in-one omnichannel PureCloud platform.

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Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Genesys PureCloud

The Total Economic Impact of Genesys PureCloud

Learn about the process Forrester Consulting used to conduct the commissioned TEI study of the PureCloud platform and get a high-level overview of the results. With the help of a Forrester TEI Consultant, you’ll gain a better understanding of the quantified benefits of the PureCloud solution.

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ROI and Business Benefits of an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution

A Webinar on the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

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