A modern cloud platform to speed innovation

PureCloud provides the foundation for the future of customer engagement. Whether you want to connect to your customers or spur teamwork, our platform offers power and flexibility to make it happen.

Our microservices architecture in the cloud enables continuous deployment of new features. We’ve made a lot of headway in a short time—and we certainly aren’t slowing down!

PureCloud has come so far… so fast

The PureCloud Platform is so well-engineered, we were able to build an all-in-one omnichannel contact center full of robust features in just a few short years. We’ve highlighted some of our greatest hits below. Visit the PureCloud Resource Center for a complete record of release notes.


PCI—PureCloud achieved a PCI DSS assessment as a Level 1 Service Provider using version 3.2 of the PCI DSS standard (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard). Offers secure pause and secure IVR.

Co-browsing—Allow agents to see a customer’s web-browsing activity, make annotations and optionally take control

Screen share—Agents can view the customer’s desktop or application during voice interactions

Inbound email flows—Intelligently route and deliver incoming emails to the right queue based on a better understanding of the customer and intent

Multilingual IVR—Added global languages in PureCloud Architect

Single sign-on—Support for Google G Suite and Ping

PureCloud for Salesforce—PureCloud contact center functionality embedded in the Salesforce interface

PureCloud for Chrome—Call control and other PureCloud operations from directly inside the Chrome web browser

Intraday Monitoring—Real-time view of how forecast service performance, volume, average handle time and other metrics compare with actual contact center behavior


PureCloud—First microservice cloud platform for contact centers

WebRTC Softphone—Browser-made calls based on WebRTC

Bridge Connectors added—Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Sharepoint and more...

Social channel management—Monitors feeds for company accounts and routes interactions to queues

Supervisor real-time dashboards—Improved analytics in views and more controls

External Contacts—Customer journey data model allows syncing customer data to/from CRM tools, and displays omnichannel interaction history

PureCloud Voice—PureCloud as web-based distributor of VoIP telephony for organizations. Search and acquire numbers, and control your accounts with cloud tools.

HIPAA—Qualification for the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). PureCloud data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Patient identifying data is subject to additional permissions for access.

Response management—Omnichannel canned responses that agents can search or browse

Geolocation—Real-time user locations

Single sign-on—For Okta, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and ADFS


Video chat—Person-to-person and multi-user video integrated with standard chat

Document Management—Integrated document storage and permissions, tagging, and folders

Reports and analytics—Analytics are integrated into supervisor and manager views, plus dedicated historical reports

Omnichannel interactions—Work area with multiple channel types, normalized interactions for pick-up, transfer, etc., interaction priority management and queue configurations

Permissions—Expanded roles and permissions, with a compiled permission object for each user and permissions service

Workforce Management—Basic staffing and scheduling tools

Architect IVR Scripting—Graphical tool for setting up and editing interactive voice routing with DTMF and multi-language speech support

SIP-based Outbound Dialer—Configurable outbound solution with pick-up detection and routing rules

Single sign-on—Fully qualified OneLogin client and server implementation


Edge appliance—On-site telephony switch with cloud configuration for disaster recovery and local PSTN connectivity

Contact center queues—With manual or skills-based configurations

Phone administration—Site and personal station configuration, and Direct Inbound Dial (DID) number search and assignment

Skills-based routing—For calls, chats and emails

Interaction recording—Stereo recording (one channel for customer, one for support) with visualization of activity for scanning, replay speed adjustments and text annotations

Supervisor dashboard—View of queues and people with basic performance and status data, plus common actions to adjust loading and reassign work

Quality management—Call monitoring, agent scoring and notifications to recipients with links to evaluations


Elasticsearch—Cloud-based search platform for data indexing, search facets and relationship graphs

Permissions—API security and data access permissions by role

Groups—Configurable, rules-based groups based on hierarchy graphs, by skills, or by manual inclusion or exclusion

Chat—XMPP-service persistent chat with drag-and-drop file sharing


PureCloud Platform—Microservices architecture, extensible data model and build/deploy automation

Web client—People search, profiles, locations and user edits

Mobile apps—PureCloud for Android and iOS

Bridge Server—On-premises data sync with Microsoft Active Directory to populate organization and hierarchies automatically

Person profiles—Refactored data, plus more data configurations

The real beauty of PureCloud is that it’s constantly incorporating the latest and greatest so however customer expectations change, we can adapt—quickly and cost-effectively.—Ian Roberts, Operations Leader, Quicken Inc

This platform is built to scale

The PureCloud Platform is built using an event-driven, load-balanced microservices architecture atop Amazon Web Services (AWS). The system constantly evaluates the health of each service instance and dynamically routes traffic to those that are healthy. Load balancers allow the system to automatically scale as traffic changes. PureCloud can also scale quickly with AWS, so adding people to your organization, or adding new features, never affects response speed.

Stability is as crucial to us as it is to you. That’s why we run automated tests with progressively tougher requirements as new code graduates to higher level environments—outage worries will never keep you awake again.

A cloud contact center that grows with you

purecloud Scalability video

Never miss a release, never shut down for an update!

  •  Immediate, continuous delivery of new features
  •  Unwavering reliability and unbeatable scalability across channels and agents
  •  Flexible data tools and powerful analysis engines
  •  Integration with your data and work process systems

One platform, endless possibilities

The PureCloud Platform is built to be extensible because your business is unique. To achieve this extensibility, we provide the rock-solid building blocks that you can use to create your own integrations. The configuration, and all of the data PureCloud collects, is exposed via a public Application Programming Interface (API). This API enabled us to build integrations with services like Salesforce and Zendesk but you can build your own integrations as well.

Here’s an analogy: Instead of building a product that only does specific things, we built a factory that makes useful widgets that can be combined to make products. The widgets do things like tell you what a person can do, or which groups they belong to, or what sort of calls they can take. We give you access to the factory order system when you want to make a product and you just call up a bunch of features for your client. The factory can make infinite widgets, can update them on the fly (even when they are in use) and also recycle them to run efficiently. The factory is the PureCloud platform.

Unleash your developers!

We want to make you to build things on our platform—that’s why we make our APIs available. Whether you want to build something to extend PureCloud for your organization, or build an entirely new application and sell it to others, the documentation and developer forum are available to you.

Get connected

From the very beginning of PureCloud we recognized the need to fully document all our features, and the API calls and open-source tools that developers need in order to customize the app. The user experience is also designed with extensibility in mind—so it can accommodate extended tools, and you can even insert your own widgets into various parts of the interface.

The developer center has full documentation and open access to Github to get you started with communications to PureCloud APIs. All you need is a valid authentication.

PureCloud Developer Center

There’s a  forum where your developers can ask questions and share ideas with our PureCloud engineers.

PureCloud Developer Forum

Use the excellent online help for all of the existing functionality in PureCloud, continuously updated as we add new features. Search topics, watch training videos and view release notes.

PureCloud Resource Center

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