PureCloud APIs are an open book

We built PureCloud as a platform and we encourage partners and customers to build anything they can think of on top of our robust system—dream big!

Your business has unique needs. That’s why PureCloud has a secure RESTful Public API (application programming interface) with full online developer documentation. Take advantage of the extensible PureCloud application, its unmatched scalability and its robust capabilities to complement and build your own solutions.

Unleash your developers

API Explorer developer tools

Use the API Explorer developer tools to make API calls to retrieve or update information in your PureCloud organization—no programming required. These tools can test common actions, create notifications, gather analytics and more. They can even be used to automatically produce code to aid you in creating custom programs.

Resources and support

Watch a series of videos for an introduction on how to get started using PureCloud APIs. Then hop over to the Developer Center for open access to tutorials, documentation and a forum full of our talented team.

Partner integrations

A diverse network of Genesys partners supports and develops integrations on the PureCloud platform. From real-time performance wallboards by eMite to contact center agent gamification by nGuvu, there are many new and exciting ways to accelerate and improve customer engagement.

Open source contributions

We fully support open source communities, and promote open source to partners and customers via PureCloud by Genesys GitHub repositories. Go ahead and fork, extend or enhance open source PureCloud projects—community contribution is encouraged.

The PureCloud Platform grows with you

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