Why the cloud?

PureCloud is built for the contact center customer that doesn’t want to deal with complex configuration and deployment. With PureCloud you don’t need a team of network engineers to help deal with a sudden spike in customer interactions. The platform scales automatically so that you can focus on providing business value to your customers. The PureCloud multi-tenant cloud offering is constantly being improved because the platform was architected for continuous delivery of new features—no upgrade installations required.

How to future-proof your contact center with PureCloud

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The PureCloud Platform is the first cloud contact center to use a microservices architecture

PureCloud is built for the modern world

You don’t have to worry about managing data centers. PureCloud leverages Amazon Web Services to provide the infrastructure for a secure, fault tolerant and highly scalable system.

Microservices architecture

Most cloud applications are monolithic. A failure in one area can have a devastating impact on others, causing massive service outages for customers.

The PureCloud Platform is the first cloud platform built using microservice architecture on top of Amazon Web Services. Each microservice operates independently, so one failure won’t set off a domino effect.

Outage worries will never keep you awake again.

Access from anywhere

Now, your agents can operate anywhere there’s an internet connection and a web browser.

And your custom integrations—whether running in the cloud or on-premise—can easily communicate with the PureCloud Platform utilizing our secure APIs.

The PureCloud Platform grows with you

Integrate your solutions simply and seamlessly

Relief from your integration headache

One of the drawbacks of other cloud services is that they can’t synchronize with your internal systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange.

That means you have to separately create, delete and administer users. Integration with CRMs such as Salesforce and Zendesk can require extensive customization and become a maintenance headache. The PureCloud Platform solves these problems with the PureCloud Bridge.

PureCloud Bridge

The Bridge is a software appliance that performs integrations between PureCloud and your systems and services. It can be installed on your network or in the cloud, for simple and secure integration.

Lightning-fast deployment

Over the past 25 years, we’ve learned a few things about best practices for your call center.

We built those best practices into the PureCloud Platform—so you can deploy in days, instead of weeks and months.

Choose from a variety of tried-and-true approaches, and turn them on with the click of a button. Spin up a new media channel in minutes. Whether you prefer skills-based routing, cherry-picking, or advanced bullseye routing, we’ve got you covered.

The PureCloud Platform includes easy-to-use policy managers for document management, recording retention, call handling and many other critical aspects of customer engagement.

Get up and running in days

  •  Easy sign-up
  •  Zero-client-footprint web interface
  •  Simple telco connectivity
  •  Built-in best practices

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