Welcome to my team

I’m Jo and I lead a great team of customer service professionals looking after our customers when they call, web chat, use social media or email us about their problems.

My job used to be really tough—not because of my team, but because of our systems and processes. We had no workforce planning tools, so we used a spreadsheet. This was labor intensive and it was always wrong. Quality assurance was also managed using spreadsheets. Each of our channels had a different system for managing interactions.


PureCloud Customer Experience Management
Getting information about our operational performance and our customers’ experiences was almost impossible.

A real-time 360-view of contact center activity

Separate and siloed systems

Having all these systems meant that if I wanted to move some of my team from calls to email, they had to log out of the ACD and then into the another system. We couldn’t easily blend our work to suit our resources or our customers’ needs.

If agents needed help they’d have to come and find me. We had no collaboration tools. Overall, my job was high pressure, with way too much time spent on administration and not enough time coaching my team on how to deliver even better customer service.

What’s the cost of doing nothing?

Kris, our head of customer service, realized we couldn’t go on this way. Our staffing was inflexible, my job was too hard and our customers weren’t getting the level of service they deserved.

Kris and Alex from IT looked around and found Genesys, a market leader in customer experience management. They helped us to reduce the administration of staff planning and scheduling, standardize and automate quality management, increase the efficiency of my agents. This freed me up to coach and support my fantastic team.

All-in-one is the answer

With PureCloud by Genesys I now manage my forecasting, scheduling and intraday adherence through an integrated, robust workforce management tool. My team handles all of their interactions in one omnichannel desktop—voice, email and social media. They access the right context and information through our CRM integration. I update customers’ records, without having to jump from screen to screen.

Image for PureCloud workforce management solution highlighting the ability to handle all interactions in an omnichannel desktop
Illustration for PureCloud all-in-one platform signifying total integration with existing contact center platforms

Tightly integrated tools

My staff collaborates with me and their colleagues without having to leave PureCloud, their desk or their customers on hold for very long. I can also have my team address different work at different times of the day, both inbound or outbound, without moving between systems. This means I now see how we are performing through a single real-time dashboard across all channels. I also easily access reports that help me manage productivity of my agents and the customer experience that they deliver. The mobile app even lets me do these things while I’m walking the floor.

Results that resonate

  •  Spend more time helping teams deliver exceptional customer service
  •  Increase schedule adherence
  •  Reduce backlog of emails and messages
  •  Increase team productivity

Make an impact

Call centers have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

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