Hi, I’m Sue

Just like you, I need more sales, better conversion rates, and increased revenue—without increasing my costs or overworking my staff.

Customers on our website had no way to engage directly with us for assistance, so if they abandoned we just hoped they’d call back. We couldn’t offer them web chat or co-browse to assist them in completing an order.


PureCloud Customer Service Solutions for Sales
And if they called us, we had no clue if they’d been on our website or why they were calling. We had to start the conversation all over again. Talk about frustrating!

Not set up for sales success

Inefficient operations

My outbound team was great, but they could only call when the old dialer was working. It was way too complex to manage and didn’t do what we wanted. Often, this team was underutilized for parts of the day.

Our inbound sales team was frequently overwhelmed with calls but we couldn’t afford to add more staff. We tried to use staff from the outbound team but as they were on a different platform, they had to log out of the dialer and into the inbound system. We couldn’t easily blend between the two teams.

Disparate systems

My technology was a mess, with a multitude of systems that hampered rather than helped. It was old, disjointed and expensive to maintain.  

This left me with frustrated customers, stressed-out staff, ineffective systems and too many sleepless nights.  

I knew we were hemorrhaging sales opportunities in every channel, but I couldn’t see if they were being picked up elsewhere. I had to fix it—fast.

Sell smarter and faster

Tools for triumph

In the midst of this crisis Genesys helped me find ways to keep our customers on my website, improve my outbound sales performance and be more efficient when customers called.

With PureCloud by Genesys I now offer a digital customer experience. Web chat helps our customers complete their orders on the website without abandonment. We also use co-browse to assist when the customer is completely stuck.

Optimized for agents

PureCloud provides an omnichannel desktop and integrates with our CRM system to deliver context to my agents, so we can more easily complete our sales orders.

We can also blend work between my inbound and outbound teams. It simplifies the development and deployment of innovative outbound campaigns.

Illustration for PureCloud omnichannel desktop for increased sales performance.
Illustration for PureCloud all-in-one application that streamlines sales operations.

Measurable results

Using PureCloud by Genesys to simplify and streamline our sales operation, we are seeing great results. Sales revenue is up 10%, agent utilization is up nearly 23%, and our average handle time is down by over 9%.

I’m getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in months!

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