Deliver great customer experiences for your utility customers

Customer experience for utilities

Utilities often face many challenges; increased competition, a changing climate and increasing regulation. Delivering great customer service in spite of these pressures is a reward worth the challenge. Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the cost to serve means taking a new approach.

Electric | Natural gas | Water & waste management

Smarter customers want smarter communications. We empower companies all over the world to break down silos and integrate better with their existing systems.

Provide excellent customer service

  •  Easily deploy new channels such as voice, email and chat
  •  Offer 24/7 service through IVR self-service
  •  Empower your agents with relevant context, knowledge and integration to other business systems

Drive greater operational efficiency

Work smarter

Reliable, simple to deploy and easy to integrate

Born in the cloud

  •  Open architecture and APIs allow for easy integration into your CRM and other legacy systems
  •  Screen pops expedite interaction handling and reduce customer frustration
  •  Flexible disposition codes improve agent efficiency and realize cost savings

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