Engage shoppers and exceed expectations

Contact center solutions for the retail industry

When it comes to shopping, there’s a lot of choice for buyers—so customer satisfaction is key. For many brands, customer service is becoming a strategic differentiator in building loyalty. Don’t be left behind! Opt for contact center software that lets customers choose when and how they engage with you—phone, email, chat, even on social media. With the right solution you can plan for seasonality, spot buying trends and track customer context for up-sell opportunities.

Omnicommerce experience

Genesys understands the retail industry—where a bad experience can impact the brand in negative ways. But we also understand just how hard it is to work in retail, both locally and in the customer service department.

PureCloud by Genesys gives you the tools you need to deliver the experience your customers deserve. At a price you deserve.

Call center solution benefits

  •  Gain customer insights across all touch-points
  •  Capture a customer’s experience—in real-time!
  •  Empower your agents to cross- and up-sell
  •  Get better close rates on shopping carts
  •  Comply with PCI data security standards
  •  Staff for seasonality and match skill-sets to sites

Meet and exceed customer expectations

  •  Keep your service personalized with omnichannel communications across voice, chat, email and social media
  •  Manage customer loyalty programs
  •  Improve order taking and the product return experience

Before PureCloud, we never had a way to measure call volume. Now we can review call history metrics, and have continuous visibility into our contact center’s performance.—Bill Lowry, Corporate Controller, Tynan Equipment

Be at the forefront of the shopper’s journey with better digital engagement

Illustration of cart to signify the ability for PureCloud to deliver contact center solutions for retail industries
Illustration of a web to signify the ability for PureCloud to deliver total end-to-end integration for retail

Reliable end-to-end integration

Manage the growing e-commerce market by integrating with your existing systems to align with how customers are shopping.

  •  Integrate with POS and mPOS systems
  •  Optimize supply chain applications by connecting to customer trends
  •  Leverage RFID, SKU visibility and integrated merchandise planning for inventory notifications
  •  Deploy new channels as needed—chat, email, social and more
  •  Communicate e-commerce sales data across the organization

Increase customer service agility

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