Hi there, I’m Tracy

As lead web designer for my company’s ecommerce site, I’m all about making sure our customers can easily find and buy the products they love. But I can’t do it alone. I rely on pricing from the product team, web copy from content marketing, conversion rate insights from our analyst, and graphics from outside vendors. Not to mention coordinating the actual execution with developers.

We have a huge inventory of products. We also have global reach—with offices and colleagues across the world.


PureCloud All-In-One Platform for Collaboration
Here’s the problem: I can’t always identify who I need to work with, where they’re located, or how to contact them.

Bringing everything—and everyone—together

Email is holding me back

I’m wasting way too much time on lengthy email threads getting stakeholders up to speed on a project, navigating through disjointed messages, and waiting and watching for the volley of feedback. Obtaining approvals is like pulling teeth. Because let’s face it: emails get buried and forgotten. I’m starting to lose track of all the requests I receive for web files, and I’m worried that some teams are working with outdated versions.

I just want to do more design and less email excavation! I wish there was a better way to pull people together, exchange info, and get organized.

The key to productivity

Thank goodness our IT guy Alex made the choice to get our workforce on PureCloud—a call center solution that has built-in tools for employee communication. I could instantly appreciate how attractive and intuitive the interface is. It feels like my favorite social media site, so it’s easy to use and my team needed little to no training to ramp up.

Click to connect

Using the searchable company directory, I’m able to pinpoint the right people for my next project. Profile presence indicators and geolocation give me an instant idea of whether they’re available—and if they are, I’m just a click away from a chat, phone call or live video. It’s easy for others to reach me as well. So if Steve is fielding a customer question about the website that he’s unable to answer, he can ping me for input.

PureCloud Workforce Solution for Collaboration

Make work simple

For each project, I just create a chat group and pull in all the right stakeholders. It’s a great place to post updates and exchange files. When it’s time to demo, everyone can join my video and see my screen share. Because the chat is persistent, our conversation history is in one place—and it’s searchable! If I get the green light, all that’s left to do is upload the final file in the PureCloud document management system. Now everyone knows that’s the one-stop shop for web materials. (And that’s much better than waiting for me to respond to an email!)

Work from wherever you are

Anywhere, anytime access

It’s nice to know that if I’m working from home or on the road, I still have access to the best parts of PureCloud—communications and co-workers are available on my mobile phone via the native app. I can even set up my browser to be my phone, so I never feel chained to my desk. That frees me up to work wherever and whenever creative inspiration strikes! In fact, I think that coffee shop on the corner is calling my name…

Everything you need, in one place

  •  Remote survivability
  •  Company directory
  •  Rules-based groups
  •  Persistent chat
  •  Video conferencing
  •  Content management
  •  File sharing
  •  Mobile apps

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