Meet Sue

Like you, she is planning for growth.

Everyday, her salespeople are on the phone and on the road. Her inside sales team is growing fast and gaining traction, too.

Sue has outgrown her phone system and she’s ready for tools that maximize her sales team potential.

sue the customer

Sue needs a solution she can use today.

Meet Prospects on Their Terms.

Prospects want to engage with you in a variety of ways: chat, phone call, email, text, and even social media.

Whether setting appointments, demoing new capabilities or closing new business, PureCloud routes all communications to the most qualified salesperson.

Meet Prospects on Their Terms
More Sales Conversations

More Sales Conversations.

Prospects are more likely to answer a local number when your sales team calls. Get better outcomes on call backs and voicemail. Use PureCloud Voice for local and outbound caller ID.

Sell Anywhere.

Let sales tap into the collective know-how of your entire organization with access to product managers, sales engineers and other subject matter experts.

There’s a searchable directory, real-time status and geolocation of colleagues. There’s even document storage, so sales can grab the latest product brochure, email it to the guy she met on the plane, and close another deal.

Sell Anywhere
Sell Smarter

Sell Smarter.

Super charge your CRM with screen pops and access to customer history & context. Boost sales productivity with embedded call controls, click-to-call, and automatic logging of every interaction.

Built-in call scripting and response management help your sales team stay on message.

Sell Faster

Generate more sales with outbound dialing automation. Preview and power dialing options keep your sales team pointed in the right direction.

  • Reaching out for renewals
  • Up-sell existing customers
  • Send appointment reminders or cancellations
  • Automated and scheduled follow up
sell faster
mind your business

Mind Your Business.

See what’s happening with one team or your entire organization with real-time dashboards. Historical reports with detail and summary data provide the insights you need to make smart decisions about your business.

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