Combine your contact center solution and CRM

Zendesk is an established cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. When combined with PureCloud—an omnichannel contact center solution—the result is leading-edge cloud performance and scalability and a modern interface that makes sense of multiple channels with easy and consistent workflows.

PureCloud and Zendesk—a perfect pair

Zendesk data dip connector

Using the connector integrates your PureCloud IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system with your CRM database, allowing the IVR to dip into your CRM to retrieve information about accounts, cases or contacts. Use this information to make routing decisions within your call flow.

PureCloud Zendesk Integration Data Dip
PureCloud Zendesk Data for Customer Context

Rules-driven screen pop in PureCloud

An array of screen pops options lets you gather and natively display Zendesk data from user records, new or existing tickets, queue activation and agent performance statistics. Give agents key customer context before an interaction even begins.

PureCloud webhook event integrations with Zendesk

Webhook integrations connect to the Zendesk Public API and post triggered changes into PureCloud chat rooms. Keep the right teams informed without any duplication of effort.

PureCloud Zendesk Chat Notifications

Use PureCloud directly within your Zendesk interface

PureCloud for Zendesk out-of-the-box integration

Make it easy for your team to benefit from the power of PureCloud with minimal training. Simply add PureCloud to your Zendesk interface. The integration puts PureCloud contact center services directly in Zendesk enabling your team to make and manage omnichannel interactions, leveraging comprehensive PureCloud functionality such as response management and interaction details. Learn more at the Zendesk App Marketplace.

  •  Voice, callback, email and chat interactions
  •  Dialer interactions and dialer scripts
  •  Click-to-dial support
  •  WebRTC stations for browser-as-phone capabilities
  •  Call controls, including record, secure pause and dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF)
  •  Blind and consult transfers
  •  Type-ahead agent and queue search for dialing and transfer
  •  Show queue statistics before dialing and transfer
  •  ANI-based screen pops

More great benefits

One unified desktop

Manage, track and queue interactions across systems with a single desktop application—be it PureCloud or Salesforce. By embedding call controls, users can make, take and manage calls and click-to-call directly from phone number fields in contacts, leads, activities and accounts.

Presence management

Get real-time presence management and reporting, and the ability to enable as many status settings as your organization needs. Gain a more accurate assessment of agent activity and optimize your workforce.

Nothing to install

PureCloud for Salesforce is an HTML5 application hosted in Amazon Web Services and delivered to user browsers. This frees you from the hassles of planning for software upgrades or having administrators spend weekends deploying service updates. As new features and updates are released, they immediately become available for your agents to use.

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