Combine your contact center solution and CRM

Salesforce is an industry leader in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM). When combined with PureCloud—an omnichannel contact center solution—the result is leading-edge cloud performance and scalability, and a modern interface that makes sense of multiple channels with easy and consistent workflows.

PureCloud and Salesforce—better together

Salesforce partnership

Genesys is proud to be a technology partner with Salesforce. Our PureCloud and Salesforce relationship began in 2008, and the experience has extended across many products and services. We now work together under an ISVForce partnership agreement. Benefit from joint customer deployment and a dedicated development staff.

Salesforce data actions integration

The Purecloud Salesforce data actions integration enables IVR routing decisions based on data from your Salesforce CRM. Your PureCloud IVR can use information about accounts, cases or contacts to inform routing rules in your call flows.

PureCloud Salesforce Data for Customer Context

Rules-driven screen pop in PureCloud

Use gathered Salesforce data, such as caller ID, to route interactions based on pre-configured behavior. Agents see a native screen pop of key customer context before the interaction even begins.

Salesforce contacts in PureCloud

Pull Salesforce customer and organization contact information into PureCloud to create a corporate address book. Unified search and click-to-call makes outreach accessible and easy for all your employees.

PureCloud Salesforce Integration External Contact Sync
PureCloud Salesforce Integration Activities

Automatic activity creation in Salesforce

Create a Salesforce activity for each interaction an agent handles. This includes information such as connection time, agent name and comments. Information is populated in the client drop-down list based on screen pop or agent navigation. The agent can then associate the activity with the appropriate contact or case for unified reporting purposes.

Every connected interaction creates a call log. This log is saved to activity history in Salesforce when the call connects, and automatically updates whenever status or log details change.

Voice-based customer service

Let customers call you 24/7. The robust PureCloud solution handles automatic call distribution, callbacks, dialer and auto-attendant.

Skills routing

Connect your customer to someone who can solve their problem. Maximize your potential for first-call resolution by leveraging skills-based routing.

Self-service options

A robust PureCloud IVR helps customers access information they need, when they want—without agent handling.

Blended agents

Ditch the disparate systems. Give agents one tool that seamlessly handles simultaneous customer interactions from multiple channels.

Quality management

Quality over quantity. Review customer conversations and gain insight on how to coach your team to provide great customer experiences.

Workforce optimization

You have to be able to manage your customer interactions and agent experience in order to improve them. PureCloud makes it possible!

The PureCloud for Salesforce app has not only reduced call handle time, but improved the effectiveness of our service.—Darren Jackson, CEO, Rapid Financial Solutions

Use PureCloud from within your Salesforce interface

PureCloud for Salesforce available on AppExchange

Make it easy for your team to benefit from the power of PureCloud with minimal training. Simply add PureCloud to your Salesforce interface. The integration puts lightweight agent call controls directly in Salesforce, enabling your team to make and manage omnichannel interactions, leveraging robust PureCloud functionality such as response management and interaction details. Learn more at the Salesforce AppExchange.

Welcome to PureCloud for Salesforce

salesforce_purecloud video

  •  Compatible with Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and the Sales Cloud Lightning Experience
  •  Voice, callback, email and chat interactions
  •  Dialer interactions and dialer scripts
  •  Click-to-dial support
  •  WebRTC stations for browser-as-phone capabilities
  •  Call controls, including record, secure pause and dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF)
  •  Blind and consult transfers
  •  Workspace transfer in Service Cloud
  •  Type-ahead agent and queue search for dialing and transfer
  •  Show queue statistics before dialing and transfer
  •  Single sign-on with Salesforce
  •  ANI-based screen pops to standard or customer Salesforce records
  •  Automatic interaction logging
  •  Linked interaction details, including recording and timeline
  •  Salesforce Omni-Channel Sync

More great benefits

One unified desktop

Manage, track and queue interactions across systems with a single desktop application—be it PureCloud or Salesforce. By embedding call controls, users can make, take and manage calls and click-to-call directly from phone number fields in contacts, leads, activities and accounts.

Presence management

Get real-time presence management and reporting, and the ability to enable as many status settings as your organization needs. Gain a more accurate assessment of agent activity and optimize your workforce.

Nothing to install

PureCloud for Salesforce is an HTML5 application hosted in Amazon Web Services and delivered to user browsers. This frees you from the hassles of planning for software upgrades or having administrators spend weekends deploying service updates. As new features and updates are released, they immediately become available for your agents to use.

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