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Harness the power of PureCloud and CRM to create personalized customer experience

Personalized customer experience has become a baseline expectation. Text message alerts about flight delays, retailer emails notifying us of new products based on past selections we’ve purchased, and navigational assistance based on real-time traffic data—all are ways that businesses use existing data to drive highly context-rich and proactive interactions.

Personalized customer experience was voted among one of the top trends that will change the contact center industry in the next five years. In fact, 81% of companies recognize customer experience as a competitive differentiator, according to the Dimension Data “2017 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.”

Streamline customer communications

Your customers don’t want to waste time entering their 16-digit account number, listening to a long list of IVR options that aren’t relevant to them, or repeating the details of their problem each time they’re transferred to a different department or agent. Seize the opportunity to make your customers’ interactions with your business as easy as they expect, relieving frustrating and delays for agents and customers alike.

PureCloud CRM integrations put customer context in one place, giving your agents current and accurate information about customer accounts, history and preferences.

Integrate your software for consistent and effortless customer experience

Combine the power of PureCloud with your CRM to deliver the personalized experience your customers deserve. With intelligent routing, consolidated agent interface and automated screen pop, you can gain a competitive advantage by delivering an effortless customer experience. This leads to increased customer retention, spending, and advocacy. It’s that simple.

Intelligent routing

Improve first call resolution with dynamic, data-driven routing. PureCloud contact center data can be combined with CRM data to inform routing decisions, ensuring customers are routed to the agent most qualified to meet their needs.

Consolidated agent interface

Agents can work inside PureCloud or your CRM interface using embedded call controls. Less context shifting between applications reduces average handle time and increases agent efficiency. Your customers are happy because it saves them time, too.

Native screen pop

Arm your agents with key customer information, including caller data, details and interaction history. Information is presented to an agent prior to connecting, significantly increasing agent efficiency and ability to provide personalized customer service.

Customer journey profile

To effectively manage an omnichannel contact center, your agents need customer context built into every interaction. PureCloud compiles customer interaction history, notes and relationships with relevant data from your CRM to provide a 360-degree view.

Integrated reporting

Automatically log call details directly in your CRM activity history as soon as an interaction is complete. By correlating call data with sales and service information, organizations gain deeper insight into the entire customer experience.

Deploy with ease

Say goodbye to lengthy professional service engagements. Pre-built integrations with leading CRM applications such as Salesforce and Zendesk are easy to configure, so you can be up and running in days.

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