Deliver contextual customer support

It can be hard to talk through a problem without visuals. Using screen share or co-browse allows customers to show and tell with agents—so agents can quickly grasp the issue and actively guide the customer to a solution. Both technologies help your customers share what they’re looking at but there are subtle and important differences. Screen share allows your customers to share their entire screen. Co-browse allows your customers to share web pages. Escalate an interaction with either tool and watch first contact resolution climb!

Finally, an easy way for customers to answer
“what’s on your screen?”

With a screen share, the entire screen is captured as a series of “snapshots” and sent as a video. Screen share content is securely transferred between the customer and agent using full end-to-end encryption so there’s no need to worry about possible eavesdropping. It can be enabled with zero end-user downloads. Configuration flexibility supports embedding directly in your proprietary desktop application. If your customers need to share non-web browser content, screen share is your best choice.

A co-browsing session only allows sharing the content of websites you’ve configured with the PureCloud co-browse JavaScript library Co-browse requires zero end-user downloads. It offers click annotations that empower agents, and can filter out sensitive content before it leaves the customer’s computer—all with less bandwidth and greater speed than screen share.

PureCloud Demo Series: Co-Browse Overview


Co-browsing is really important to us. Because most people retain information far better through visual learning, this will help us reduce repeat inquiries, while giving more effective support.—Shafique Adatia, System Administrator, Vivonet

Guide your customers to a fast resolution

Content masking with co-browse

With co-browse, your agents will never accidentally reveal sensitive information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers during a sharing session. Complex and extensive masking and redaction rules can be applied so that each company is in control of the content that leaves your customer’s web browser.

Show and tell with co-browsing

During a co-browse interaction, agents can optionally “take control” and interact with the web page. Your customers always have the ability to deny or revoke control at any time. Click annotations and on-screen comments are also provided so that your agents and customers can better communicate.

Government-grade encryption for co-browse and screen share

PureCloud takes privacy and security seriously no matter the content. We treat all content as highly sensitive. PureCloud uses full end-to-end encryption for all transferred data. And you choose whether or not a session is recorded.

Simple integrations using a lightweight and battle-tested JavaScript library

We make it easy for you to integrate into your applications and websites. Screen share offers a variety of configurations so you can set the service up in the way that best suits your customer and business needs. For co-browse, we provide a simple-to-install and configure JavaScript library. Add it to your website, and you’re ready to go. Co-browse also integrates with the Genesys PureConnect solution.

Zero footprint for your customers

Supported by major modern web browsers

Co-browse is seamless—your customers won’t need to download a thing. The service can be easily configured via the admin interface or via JavaScript code on the web page. Under the hood, co-browse utilizes secure WebSockets to create a real-time communication channel between your agents and your customers.

Screen share utilizes WebRTC which is widely accessible through a range of browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. WebRTC uses Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for uncompromising security.

We have your sharing needs covered

  •  Masking and redaction (co-browse only)
  •  Ability to control web page (co-browse only)
  •  Ability to annotate web page (co-browse only)
  •  Share entire screen and native desktop applications (screen share only)
  •  Escalate web chat and voice to co-browse
  •  Escalate web chat and voice to screen share
  •  JavaScript library for easy integration (co-browse only)
  •  End-to-end encryption and HIPAA compliance

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Robust functionality to support customer needs

Security and compliance built in

Layers of Security

PureCloud is built on Amazon Web Services, with tight controls added on top. All of your data and requests are encrypted, and organization data is separated by rigorous authentication. You can choose our single sign-on solution or one of the industry standard SSO systems.

Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

PureCloud meets rigorous compliance and regulatory requirements such as the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16/ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type II.

The PureCloud platform achieved a PCI DSS assessment as a Level 1 Service Provider using version 3.2 of the PCI DSS standard.

Protect your business by providing tightly scripted content when it’s absolutely necessary.

Outbound campaigns (dialer)

Execute dial modes and campaign tactics that keep agents productive, costs low and contact rates high. Inbound and outbound blending is supported, ensuring you have coverage across queues.

Dialing needs vary depending on campaign type and legal regulations. Dial at your own pace using one of five outbound dialing modes.

Preview – Presents information about the contact to the agent before dialing, informing whether to call or skip to the next record.

Progressive – Reduces the risk of call abandonment by dialing one contact for each available agent.

Power – Waits until an agent is available before placing calls. The system adjusts the number of simultaneous calls placed by analyzing previous calling attempts.

Predictive – Predicts agent availability and places calls based on internal statistics.

Agentless – Automatically responds to live contacts or answering machines as directed by campaign settings.

CRM integrations

Are you running Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, or some other customer relationship management (CRM) system?

Great! We can integrate with all of those and more—by adding PureCloud interactions within the CRM app or by bringing CRM data into useful places in PureCloud, or both.

Integrate with your CRM and other IT systems quickly and easily with our cloud-based configuration tool. Keep systems in sync with bi-directional data flow. All with a few clicks—no SQL queries required.

Speech-enabled IVR

Voice recognition is everywhere today. Whether it’s Siri or Alexa, voice recognition has come a long way and is now considered mainstream.

PureCloud comes with a built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that includes a simple drag-and-drop editor for setting up menus, out-of-the-box keywords, and robust multilingual support!

No third-party licensing. Full language access. And you can keep using the telephone touch keys (DTMF) if that’s what you prefer.

Omnichannel routing

The promise of omnichannel is that your customer can connect with you on any channel and your system will recognize that customer, and route them to the best agent or support tech based on:

  •  Previous interaction history
  •  Purchases
  •  Skill-based routing
  •  Availability, and more

Then to better understand and manage the omnichannel experience, PureCloud offers interactive dashboards and reports for a unified view of omnichannel customer engagement.

WebRTC softphone

Simplify your systems. With PureCloud Softphone you can use your browser as a phone. Our industry-leading softphone is built with WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) technology, which manages the connections and data needed to make IP-based phone calls and video calls. Dump the telephony hardware. Simply plug in your headset and go!

Social channel management

PureCloud connects directly to social sites so you can monitor and respond to social media hubs in the powerful PureCloud agent interface. The initial release covers streaming of publicly available tweets from Twitter and will quickly expand to include many other social hubs including Facebook. You can configure search filters and queue routing through an easy admin form, and edit them any time.

Maximize efficiency today by allowing your agents to receive and respond to social expressions from your customers!

Screen share and co-browse

Finally, an easy way for customers to answer “what’s on your screen?” Using screen share or co-browse allows customers to show and tell with agents—so agents can quickly grasp the issue and actively guide the customer to a solution. Both technologies help your customers share what they’re looking at but there are subtle and important differences.

Screen share

Allows your customers to share their entire screen. If your customers need to share non-web browser content then screen share is your best choice. Configuration flexibility also supports embedding directly in your proprietary desktop application..


Allows your customers to share web pages. Simply add the lightweight PureCloud JavaScript library to the web pages you want to make shareable. It works for all modern browsers. Because co-browse transfers underlying textual data, it can filter out sensitive information before it even leaves your customer’s computers. Agents are empowered with on-screen tools like click annotations, and can even optionally “take control” of the web page. All this with less bandwidth and greater speed than a screen share.

Escalate an interaction with either tool and watch first call resolution climb!

Dynamic views

With dynamic performance views you can deliver consistent customer outcomes by quickly understanding and managing performance in real time.

Dynamic views allow you to see:

  •  Who is on hold in the queue
  •  Current interactions in progress
  •  Full details on agent status and availability
  •  Real-time service levels across channels

You can also

  •  Set alerts to notify you if service levels drop below thresholds
  •  Drill down into the detailed statistics for each agent
  •  Customize your dashboard views and get the information you care about most at a glance

Dashboards and reports

The Heart of the Contact Center

PureCloud provides real-time and historical data in interactive, dynamic views making it easy to keep tabs on the pulse of the contact center.

With a single dashboard, supervisors can access information on current state, as well as historical metrics across all media types. Need voice, chat and email KPIs and metrics all in one view? No problem! The supervisor dashboard is the "control center" of the contact center, giving supervisors the information they need to operate efficiently.

Omnichannel Reports

PureCloud includes both pre-built and customizable reports that offer a consolidated view across channels. Reports are accessible from within the supervisor dashboard making it easy to see the current state of operations along with historical metrics. Reports can be exported and are available in a variety of formats.

Graphical script editor

Consistency is vital in how you speak with customers. But long, tedious scripts can irritate customers causing agents to avoid using them. We’ve created a tool for writing scripts that uses keyword detection and customer identity to streamline conversations—and it works the same way with any channel, making it simple for your support team to find the right answers.

You get a simple intuitive script builder that makes it easy for non-technical users to quickly compose and modify powerful real-time guides for agents. No more complexity. Just point, click, drag and drop. No coding required. And what you see is exactly what agents will see. It’s that easy!

Workforce optimization

Boost the performance of your workforce and operate more efficiently. Workforce Optimization capabilities are built right in. You don’t need a separate system for quality assurance, or forecasting and scheduling.

Capabilities include multichannel recording, quality management, workforce management, performance monitoring and more.

Customer Journeys

Context shifting between applications introduces error and wastes time. With PureCloud External Contacts, your corporate address book is seamlessly accessible in an all-in-one contact center solution. Use this native contact management system to add context to communications with prospects, customers, and organizations.

  •  Quickly import your contact list via a CSV upload or dynamic Salesforce integration
  •  Find your External Contacts throughout the app—whether you're searching to initiate a call on behalf of queue, add to a conference call, or transfer an existing ACD call.
  •  Represent connections between the people at your company and the organizations in your External Contacts. Tie in account managers, support leads, or any other key players.
  •  Get omnichannel interaction history and native screen pop with key customer information—so your agents have all the context they need before the interaction even begins.