Business Solutions Partner

Business Solutions Partners have the ability to operate within a single competency or work across multiple competency areas when working with the PureCloud platform including sales, services, support, and development. This enables Business Solutions Partners the ability to engage within their existing area(s) of competency and to easily expand their business capabilities with us over time.

Partners can on-board with little to no friction or upfront costs and immediately start on their path to creating a successful PureCloud practice for their business. Below is a description of the three main competency areas a partner can participate in as part of the Business Solutions Partner program.

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Become a Sales competent partner to enable your company to earn margin through referrals, cooperative selling, or direct selling PureCloud to your prospects and existing customers.

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Become a Services competent partner to enable your company to implement standard, custom on-boarding and continuous implementation packages for your PureCloud customers.


Become a Support competent partner to enable your company to provide standard and custom continuous experience support packages for your PureCloud customers.

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App Developer

Become an Application Development competent partner to develop standard and custom integrations between PureCloud and your customer’s existing systems and services.

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Partner Benefits Summary

Benefits are reinvested in partners based on their investment and performance with PureCloud. As a partners go up the Partner Value Tiers (PVT) they are provided more benefits and enablement opportunities to help them continue to grow their business. Note – PureCloud partner value tier to be determined by sales performance, service performance and endorsements.

Business Benefits  
Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) per lead
Referral Fee (ACV)
Revenue Share (ACV)
Partner Portal Access
Production PureCloud Organization (reduced cost)
Partner Contracting and Billing
Event Sponsorship/Speaking Opportunities
Partner On-Boarding Advisor (first 90 days)
Technical Account Manager
Channel Account Manager
Technical Solutions Manager
Presidents Club
Marketing Benefits and Enablement  
Marketing Templates
Listing Page in Partner Directory
Marketing Funds – Co-op and Development Funds (MDF)
Partner Logo Badge / Co-Branding
Case Studies and Guest Blogging
Sales Benefits and Enablement  
Online Sales Training & Assessments
Sales Enablement Portal Access
Design, Quote, Win Webinars
"Sales" Competency added to Logo Badge
Monthly Sales and Product Roadmap Briefings
Access to Generated Leads
Sales Replay Monthly Newsletter
Services Benefits and Enablement  
Online Technical Training & Assessments
"Services" Competency added to Logo Badge
Access to subcontracted work
Delivery Tool Kit
Delivery Support (Ticket/Phone)
Supportability Tool Kit
Technical Support
Sandbox PureCloud Organization
Strategic Benefits and Enablement  
"Strategic" Competency added to Logo Badge
Joint Go-to-Market activies
Strategic Account Manager

Partner Requirements Summary

Any changes to the Expertise Levels will be announced annually in January and changes to partner requirements will take place on April 1st of the same calendar year.

Business Requirements  
Executed Partnership Agreement
Program Fee
Completed Partner Profile
Customer References
Sales Requirements  
Minimum Sales Competent Resources (Active)
– And –
Minimum Sales Accepted Leads (SAL)
– Or –
Minimum Annual Contracts Value (ACV)
– Or –
Minimum ACV Growth  
Minimum New Logos per year
Services & Support Requirements  
Minimum PCP Certified Resources (Active)
– And –
Customer Implementations (Rolling last 12 months)
Implementation Rating Score (Rolling last 12 months)  
– Or –
Support CSAT (Rolling last 12 months)
Customer CHURN (Rolling last 12 months)
Development Requirements  
Online Technical Training & Assessments