Everything you need in a single, unified service

The reliable cloud platform of the future

PureCloud includes everything you need to run your contact center efficiently. It was built with reliability in mind because you can’t deliver a consistent experience if your contact center goes down. Built on the geographic and elastic foundation of Amazon Web Services and true cloud microservices architecture, our solution was built with reliability in its DNA. With local redundancy capabilities, you are guaranteed service— even in the midst of a global disaster.

Multichannel. Unified. Multimodal.

New capabilities and features without interruption

Bottom line: You want your customer experience to be effortless. So how do you reduce customer effort? Start with a single, unified tool that allows your customers to contact you on any device, via any channel at any time.

Second, give your agents the tools they need to manage those interactions without desktop downloads or in-depth training. Last, but not least, give your agents the information they need to better serve the customer.

Improve operations every day

A seamless, effortless interface

With dynamic performance views, you can deliver consistent customer outcomes by quickly understanding and managing performance in real time.

The dynamic views allow you to see:

  •  Who is on hold in the queue
  •  Current interactions in progress
  •  Full details on agent status and availability
  •  Real-time service levels across channels

You can also

  •  Set alerts to notify you if service levels drop below thresholds
  •  Drill down into the detailed statistics for each agent

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