Booking Winter Travel Getaways Without Frustration

Four tips for taking advantage of evolving customer support options to book your dream trip

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- There's nothing quite like boarding a flight to white-sand beaches and swaying palms in the heart of winter. And for those yearning for snowy adventures, little compares to gathering around a crackling fire with hot spiced cider after a long day of skiing. With digital travel sales expected to generate more than $200 billion this year, whether you dream of warm water or a winter wonderland, you'll likely be booking your flights online and finalizing hotel details through a chatbot.

According to a recent nation-wide survey of 1,000 adult respondents, the two primary irritants in customer service are being put on hold and being given incorrect information. If you're stuck on hold for longer than 10 minutes or end up with a flight on the wrong date or to the wrong airport, it may be time to consider another travel service. And if you do receive terrible customer service, you will not be alone in choosing a different option next time – 49% of United States consumers say they have never done business with a company again after a poor experience. In fact, 44% percent indicate they'd be willing to pay more to ensure better customer service.

"Contacting customer support agents to deal with a travel planning issue is not something vacationers look forward to. They expect every step of their next adventure, including research and booking the trip, to be exciting, and they have little patience for daunting hold times and faulty customer service bots," said Janelle Dieken of Genesys (www.genesys.com), an expert in customer experience solutions. "Luckily, advancements in technology and evolving communication methods are making it easier for travelers to get the support they need to guarantee their trip is one for the books."

4 tips to put the brakes on poor customer service

Shoveling mounds of snow from your driveway is frustrating, organizing your dream trip should not be. Here are four easy tips to help you get more convenient and personalized travel support.

  1. Decide on your preferences. Contacting travel agencies isn't limited to a phone call. You can also get the human touch by making use of digital communication methods like texting and web chat. Explore your options and decide what you prefer, but always remain open to the ever-evolving avenues of communication.
  2. Embrace the revolution. Save time and energy by taking advantage of recent strides in artificial intelligence (AI). If you need help modifying your flight time or arranging a shuttle, try messaging with a chatbot to access efficient support. Chatbots are smarter and more capable than ever to help you quickly compare prices, locate hotels and identify local activities.
  3. Skip the hold option. Waiting on hold is the number one irritant for customers, so avoid it if possible. If you decide to access customer service over the telephone, ask for a return call if immediate assistance is unavailable. More and more businesses are offering a 'callback' option – so take it! Enjoy the flexibility of evolving support features and use that time to pack your bags, instead of impatiently counting the minutes you've been holding the phone to your ear.
  4. Humanize customer service agents. Embody the spirit of the New Year in your interactions with travel support agents. During the holiday season, travel agents help coordinate trips for hundreds of anxious travelers day-in and day-out. Call them by their name and have patience. They'd probably love to switch places and take your vacation, instead of just assisting with yours. Do what you can to make the experience happier for both you and the agent.

Many of us travel to relieve stress, so planning a trip shouldn't induce it. Following these tips will help resolve your support issues and pave the way for a peaceful vacation. Happy travels!

ATTENTION MEDIA: Go to the Genesys website Resources page to see a slide deck with highlights from the recent survey into consumer attitudes toward customer service:

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