Genesys Beyond

Developing skills for the next generation of customer experience professionals

What is Genesys Beyond?

Genesys Beyond is a skills development platform that trains the next generation of CX professionals and then connects them to businesses launching CX projects. It’s a complete end-to-end experience of learning the skills to advance a career and then showcasing those skills to a community of business leaders who need them.

With every badge earned and project completed, you gain a higher status as a Genesys Creator, increasing your value to the businesses who aspire to build experiences for customers and employees that raise the bar and reset the expectations.

Visit the Genesys Beyond portal to view information about course content, learning paths, and certifications.

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Beyond is comprised of two parts


Place for Explorers to follow learning paths to mastering specific CX roles:

  • Digital community for learning and sharing skills
  • Perfect for newcomers to CX
  • Provides individuals with valuable skills for professional development
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Place for Creators to showcase their skills to the businesses who need them

  • Provides individuals with job opportunities so they can gain experience and advance their Explorer profile – so they can get more jobs
  • Provides customers and partners with highly qualified staffing for specialized roles to compare CX projects


The speed of innovation today presents a problem: It’s hard for companies to keep up. Buying the latest, greatest tools is a great start to a solution, but the problem with brand new tech is that… it’s new. CX professionals around the world don’t know how to use it yet. So while it looks great in a demo, there are only a handful of people around who can demonstrate that when the tech is fresh, and those people are busy.

Take advantage of this gap in needs by becoming an Explorer — a student on the path toward becoming skilled in a specific CX role that grows in demand as the global CX workforce grows.

  • Choose from a variety of ready-made learning paths that uniquely prepare you for a different business or technical responsibility in CX projects
  • Continuously advance with a growing profile and a dynamic career to show for it
  • Manage your training and certification history and track the progression along your learning path


  • Work on projects using industry-leading technology to create modern customer and employee experiences
  • Gain valuable work experiences and referrals that are reflected in your Creator profile, boosting your rating and giving you access to more sophisticated and lucrative work throughout a long and dynamic career in CX

By getting badges & certifications, Explorers become Creators

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