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Small-business tools that deliver a big customer experience

Your team might be small, and they probably wear several different hats. As the owner of a growing business, you need a balanced system that can evolve and grow with your company. Even if you have limited resources, you can still deliver a world-class customer experience like some of your larger competitors. Customers expect you to interact with them in the ways that they’ve come to prefer. With Genesys Small-Business Solutions, you get the most out of your team by allowing them to collaborate and move quickly to resolve issues and close new business.

Customer experience that makes a great first impression

Delivering a personalised customer experience is one way to differentiate your business from the competition. As a small-business owner, your contact centre platform should engage customers with a personalised experience across channels and help to resolve their problems. Our platform lets customers communicate with your company on the channel of their choosing. Using their preferred method will accelerate your ability to problem-solve at the first contact, assess the best resources to resolve issues and deliver relevant campaign messaging. The result is a more empowered team, positive customer interactions and increased loyalty.

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Improved employee communications

Strong internal communications are just as important as external customer communications. Increase the effectiveness of your internal communications by delivering relevant information to the right people at the right time. By using collaboration tools, you can ensure that important product information and process changes won’t get lost in your employees’ inboxes. The right tools allow internal teams to align and collaborate, resulting in decreased time-to-value, increased productivity and better overall performance metrics.

More productivity in less time

You might have a smaller team, but you can still give your customers a personalised experience every time they contact you. With an all-in-one platform, you can ease the administrative burden and take advantage of productivity tools. Optimise your workforce and analytics, and better understand your customer’s journey. The right platform provides availability, reliability and security while integrating seamlessly with your systems now and in the future.

More productivity in less time
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Build a winning team

Developing a highly knowledgeable and efficient workforce is the goal for every business. The ways in which you communicate, collaborate and train your workforce are critical to staff retention and company growth. The right set of tools can make the difference in how teams engage with customers—and with each other. And the right platform gives you access to collaboration and productivity tools, as well as the power of analytics, to speed up your time to delivery and optimise team performance.

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Despite our youth, we know that customer engagement is essential to delivering value. The technology behind PureCloud gives us what we need for an effective customer engagement strategy without draining resources.

Daren Jackson, CEO, Rapid Financial Solutions


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