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The UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide 2022 (19th edition) The Remote Working Chapter

Up until very recently, the majority of UK contact centres worked as a traditional, centralised model, with fewer than 4% of agents working remotely at home.

Faced with the challenges of continuing to run contact centres in an environment decimated by coronavirus, many businesses urgently implemented business continuity plans which usually involved remote working.

Apart from this, homeworking / remote working promises contact centres significant benefits,

  • the environmental benefits of working at home, reducing carbon emissions and decreasing congestion on the roads
  • achieving cost reductions without having to use offshore contact centres through targeted working hours and reduced office space rent
  • increased flexibility in working hours means rapid response to call spikes and reduced idle time
  • increasing costs of recruiting and retaining staff allow agents outside the commutable distance to be employed at times that suit them and the business.

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