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Industry Report – Contact Babel Decision Makers’ Guide 2018-19: The Connected Enterprise Chapter

Although many contact centres still operate as a single, centralised site, there have been increasing commercial pressures and technical opportunities allowing businesses to look at alternative ways of working, such as using virtual contact centres, encouraging homeworking or bringing in knowledge workers from elsewhere in the enterprise.

The drivers for this include:
• the presence of multiple contact centres
• increasing levels of staff attrition and difficulty in finding the right staff to replace them
• the requirement of many contact centres for better-qualified staff
• the need to keep the contact centre open for longer
• homeworking is more environmentally friendly and supports a flexible lifestyle
• the rising concern about coping with call spikes
• the desire to increase the size of the contact centre

This chapter looks at alternatives to the 9-to-5, full-time, centralised ways of working, and investigates the number and type of contact centres that are using these alternatives.

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