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Fair and efficient work distribution boost customer and agent satisfaction gains

Contact centre staff used to have to arrive early at T-Mobile. Most tasks were carried out on a first-come, first-served basis. Quite often, an agent would select the easiest tasks and leave the toughest ones, so urgent customer issues were not always addressed in a timely manner.

By adding process automation to the existing Genesys Customer Experience platform—and integrating it with its CRM systems—T-Mobile has completely transformed their back-office functions.

Now, 85% of workloads are automated. Tasks are pushed to the agent most qualified and available to complete them. The company also has standardised reports, a more satisfied and productive workforce, and better insights into the metrics that improve customer experience.


  • Service levels up 7%, despite 15% staff reduction
  • 30% increase in agent productivity
  • 95% of agents report approval of new process, with an improved satisfaction score of 1.5


  • Ensure great customer experience across all channels
  • Make back-office operations more efficient
  • Create a satisfying, fulfilling workplace environment

We can assign people to tasks as needs change. We can see how time-intensive activities are making us more effective.

Katerina Suvarinova, Vice President Customer Services and Sales Support, T-Mobile Czech Republic

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