Delivers a customer-centric call centre solution

Teleperformance, a multichannel customer experience leader, provides top brands around the world with outsourced customer care for nearly four decades. Teleperformance has 182,000 employees across 62 countries and serves 35% of the global population annually.

The secret to their success is focusing on delivering the most innovative customer-centric solutions. One of the ways Teleperformance is able to innovate is through the use of Genesys. The openness of the Genesys solution allows Teleperformance to integrate with any telephony platform and easily adapt to various infrastructures.

Teleperformance uses Genesys to power their Contact Centre on Demand solution, which includes multi-channel agent management, intelligent routing and queuing, and robust reporting and analytics. And there is no better example of the company’s ability to innovate than Teleperformance Observer, a real-time agent desktop observation and call centre floor management module built on the Genesys platform. An interactive contact centre blueprint, Teleperformance Observer remotely monitors live audio, video and desktop feeds from employee workstations in contact centres around the world and reports on call statuses and temperaments. Clients can access all components of agent interactions and view contact floor activity from controllable, aerial cameras while analyzing real-time call activity, capacity and emotion states.


  • Enables innovative solution that integrates any telephony platform
  • Improves global contact centres efficiencies
  • Provides proactive fraud response for client’s infrastructure


  • Lacked flexibility to integrate with clients’ telephony platforms
  • Existing fraud prevention tools limited historical view
  • Needed real-time agent views across global centres

Genesys provided us with great cost and time-savings in creating this solution that is now a must-have for so many of our customers.

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