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Optimises workload management for a competitive advantage

Read the full story of how Slovak Telekom improved performance, motivation, transparency and quality in the contact centre―and the back office.

Slovak Telekom offers voice and data services, as well as provides broadband and operates the digital TV Magio service. The company wanted to overhaul their customer service operations and improve the customer experience. They sought to reduce costs, meet SLAs, improve agent effectiveness and boost employee productivity in their mobile operations. To meet these challenges, Slovak Telekom turned to Genesys. Now, front- and back-office operations have been transformed.

Supervisors can centrally manage employees’ individual skill levels for calls and tasks in one distribution system. Tasks are automatically “pushed” to available, appropriately skilled agents, as opposed to agents self-selecting their choice of easier tasks. “Genesys makes sure we distribute tasks, reminders, and follow-ups at the right time to the appropriate agent,” said Michaela Prajslerova, Planning and Monitoring Manager at Slovak Telekom.

Thanks to the steady flow of work based on business objectives and the business value of each task, Slovak Telekom now has a clear view of service levels, employees’ availability, and utilisation of agents―all of which has ensured optimised customer service and a superior customer experience.


  • Customer service complaints are down 26%; service levels have improved by 19% on average across all tasks; solved activities have increased by 43%―from 350,652 to 502,913; and agent capacity has increased by 8%
  • Route backlogged work to available workers during peak task periods
  • Optimise use of all agents, which has decreased customer wait times
  • Objective-driven distribution ensures that the right task is distributed to the right agent, at the right time
  • SLAs are automatically adhered to by prioritising tasks based on business value
  • Managers can coach rather than remain mired in manual planning, queue monitoring and task distribution


  • Increase the utilisation of agents and full-time employees, and better leverage capacity during peak periods across organisational units
  • Ensure automatic prioritisation and distribution of workload across non-voice and voice tasks
  • Create online monitoring and control over task distribution and handling to prevent agent “cherry picking”
  • Measure task-processing handling times as a base for agents’ variable pay

Thanks to Genesys iWD, we can now leverage the saved capacity to enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency in the planning and management of additional sales activities, such as following-up on leads. Supervisors' capacity, previously used for operational management, is now used for people management. We’ve been delighted with the business results.

Margita Heckova, CRM Development Manager, Slovak Telekom

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