Genesys PureConnect Cloud transforms Philips global contact centres

Hospital imaging centres that purchase systems from Philips must keep downtime to a minimum to make the most of their investments. “Utilisation of this equipment has always been critical,” said Erwin Thomas, Senior Director of the Customer Care Solutions Centre for Philips. “To ensure maximum use by these centres, we’ve made resolving their questions and problems a top priority.”

Philips had opened a contact centre at its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta that employed about 650 engineers, radiation technologists and clinical personnel, such as nurses—all of whom fielded queries from imaging equipment users. At the time, an on-premises system supported the contact centre.

“Our on-premises system had major limitations,” said Thomas. “For instance, it limited the number of virtual engineers we could have available to callers at any one time. At peak times, we needed to have 200 clinicians accessible, but the system only allowed 64 of them in the queue.”

The on-premises system was also limited in its ability to support multichannel interactions. “The bottom line was that our system was at the end of its lifespan and out of date,” said Thomas.


  • Reduced costs through a global platform that supports worldwide contact centres.
  • Relieved pressure on IT department and increased operational efficiencies.


  • Replace an outdated on-premise contact centre solution with a more cost-effective cloud solution that scales to thousands of users across global sites.

Genesys PureConnect Cloud has given us true virtualisation... As an example, during a recent ice storm, we were able to have our agents work at home, thus preventing any interruption to customer service.

Erwin Thomas, Senior Director of the Customer Care Solutions Centre, Philips

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