Danke Apartment

Transforming China’s residential retail industry

Founded in 2015, Danke Apartment is a leading apartment management platform in China, handling over 400,000 apartment units. Danke’s goal is to provide affordable and turn-key housing options, enabling renters in major Chinese cities to find high-quality housing without dealing with traditional landlords or rental agencies.

The Genesys PureConnect product supports Danke’s four contacts centers with hundreds of customer service agents to provide a well-connected omnichannel experience to rental customers. By implementing PureConnect, Danke was able to double the efficiency rate from agents and increase first call resolution to 90%.


  • 90% first call resolution
  • Doubled agent efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Genesys is quite professional — both Genesys personnel and the system are very good. We are happy to work with Genesys. It makes renting simple and enjoyable.

Cui Yan, Co-Founder, Danke Apartment


  • Complicated legacy system
  • Lack of agent efficiency
  • Lack of scalability

Live Assistance

Live Assistance