Finding self-service success with Genesys DX

With the Genesys DX™ solution, Citrix receives significantly fewer calls. The Genesys chatbot fields 10,000 questions a month, successfully resolving 60% of inquiries without agent intervention. Better still, questions relating to pricing and product discovery are now routed to sales teams, uncovering previously hidden leads.

Over 10,000

questions asked per month

60% of questions

answered without agent involvement

Dramatic reduction

of call volume

Keeping the focus narrow, understanding what our customer is likely to ask and then making sure we have our content in place to answer those questions before launch is what made our rollout successful.

Patrick Quinlan

Senior Manager, Self-Service and Analytics

Citrix Shared Services

Since 1989, Citrix has provided small, mid-market and enterprise businesses with a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to do their best work wherever and whenever, in one unified experience, while also arming IT with the visibility, simplicity and security needed to manage the solution effectively.


As Citrix provides solutions to a wide variety of users, the customer service team needed to reduce call volume on a growing backlog of questions from non-technical end users. This backlog was beginning to impact the firm’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS). “We have traditionally offered self-service solutions, like support articles and community discussions, to enterprise IT admins,” said Patrick Quinlan, Senior Manager, Self-service and Analtyics at Citrix Shared Services. “However, self-service is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we have to adapt our approach to fit the needs of non-technical users. We were charged with reducing incoming volume while maintaining high customer satisfaction.” said Patrick Quinlan, Senior Manager, Self-Service & Analytics, Citrix Shared Services.

The team opted to extend existing self-service options, including discussions on the website and live chat, by building a chatbot that could answer common questions without agent intervention. However, after two years of exploration and development, Quinlan’s team realized that, while many artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are available as a service, building critical authoring and reporting interfaces would be prohibitively expensive. After reviewing several out-of-the-box solutions and completing proof-of-concepts, the team found the right solution with Genesys DX and quickly won approval from the leadership team to implement a chatbot.


Citrix opted to implement Genesys DX in a phased approach, targeting specific use cases to ensure a positive experience for their customers and internal support team. This phased approach allowed Citrix to remain agile throughout the process to maintain helpful interactions with all customers.

“What we found to be successful was keeping those use cases really narrow,” said Quinlan. “Citrix has a lot of solutions, so we wanted to start just with ShareFile and those small and medium-size business users. Shortly after launch, we added general customer service actions like password reset tasks for our enterprise customers.

Keeping the focus narrow, understanding what our customer is likely to ask and then making sure we have our content in place to answer those questions before launch is what made our rollout successful.” Quinlan said.

Citrix learned that while it could prepare custom content and plan for many of the questions customers might ask, there were still unexpected queries. During the first few months, the bot received a high volume of questions related to pricing and product discovery. As a result, Quinlan’s team expanded the Genesys DX solution to the sales team. This has helped generate new leads for sales while ensuring all customer questions are routed to the right team.


Since the chatbot launched, it’s receiving more than 10,000 questions across more than 5,000 unique users per month and answering 60% of them without agent intervention. And although the volume of questions is growing, Citrix hasn’t had to expand its customer team to manage the surplus or left customer questions unanswered. The team has also experienced a dramatic reduction in call volume.

The use of the chatbot, along with Genesys DX reporting, is uncovering unexpected benefits. The real-time dashboard tracks what question is asked, how many times it’s asked and if it was properly answered. This data doesn’t just help Quinlan’s team improve the bot’s effectiveness; it also illustrates user experience issues that need to be fixed in the product. For instance, as the team saw a growing number of questions about file uploads, it worked with the product team to improve that experience for users.

Since the initial launch for supporting ShareFile customers, Citrix extended the solution to other product lines like Podio and is also exploring use of Genesys DX by their internal help desk team.

At a glance

Customer: Citrix

Industry: Computer software

Location: United States

Company size: Over 8,000 employees


  • Reduce call volume
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction
  • Implement self-service for non-technical users


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