Increases operational efficiencies and improves customer service

B&H stakes its reputation on service and product knowledge, and their contact center agents and salespeople play a key role in maintaining those standards of service. When the existing PBX and contact center product at B&H reached end of life, the company saw an opportunity to further improve service and sales with a more feature-rich and easy-to-manage solution.

“We had call-recording functionality, but it was provided by a third-party product and it wasn’t integrated with the rest of our contact center,” said Heshy Itzkowitz, B&H Telecommunications Manager. “In general, we wanted to streamline our infrastructure, while adding more sophisticated features.”

As B&H searched for a new solution, consolidating communications systems was the No. 1 requirement. “We wanted a common telephony platform that would support users company-wide, so we could simplify system management, get more insights into performance and provide a better user experience,” said Levy Mertz, B&H Telecommunications Systems Manager.

B&H considered a variety of solutions, including several from well-known vendors; some solutions lacked functionality, while others were too fragmented architecturally, noted Mertz. After comparing products, B&H chose the Genesys PureConnectTM all-in-one multichannel customer engagement suite, including recording and quality management solutions.


  • Visibility from call recording increased contact center efficiency and performance
  • Integration with Salesforce improves customer service
  • Single Interface provides operational efficiencies


  • Replace aging, end-of-life PBX and contact center product with a feature-rich, easily managed solution that could support both business users and agents.

Our employees love the PureConnect and Salesforce integration because it saves them time, and information is at their fingertips. As a result, we’ve increased sales efficiencies and improved customer service.

Jerry Zorek, Business Development Manager, B&H

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