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This statement is applicable to the following, direct or indirect, UK subsidiaries (collectively “Genesys UK”) of Greeneden US Holdings I, LLC (“Genesys” or “the Group”) and is in accordance with Finance Act 2016 Schedule 19.

  • Greeneden UK Acquisition Company Limited
  • Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories – Europe Limited
  • SpeechStorm Limited
  • Silver Lining Solutions Limited
  • ININ UK Limited
  • Genesys Cloud Services UK Holdings Limited

Tax compliance and reporting, risk management and governance in relation to UK taxation

Genesys UK’s policy is to comply with all relevant rules, regulations, disclosure and compliance requirements, and to pay the amounts of tax that are legally due. Projects undertaken in the UK have commercial and economic substance and aren’t undertaken with the sole purpose of obtaining tax advantages. The Group’s tax personnel engage regularly with Genesys business development and operations teams to facilitate the growth of the business and provide clear, timely and business-focused advice with respect to taxation.

The Group’s Senior Vice President of Tax and Treasury reports to the Chief Financial Officer of Genesys and is ultimately responsible, in partnership with Genesys UK’s Boards of Directors, for managing Genesys UK’s tax strategy, policies and tax risk appetite. When a tax risk is identified, Genesys UK’s internal procedures require the risk to be brought to the attention of its senior management as well as the Group tax department. We have a skilled team of tax and accounting professionals who, in partnership with external tax advisors, monitor and evaluate key UK tax risks and consider the changes in business and tax legislation that might result in UK tax planning, as needed. We acknowledge there is some level of risk in relation to UK taxation due to complex and changing tax laws and potentially differing interpretations of the laws between HMRC and Genesys UK.

Approach towards its dealings with HMRC

Genesys UK is committed to ensuring full compliance with all statutory obligations to tax authorities. Genesys UK will engage with HMRC with honesty, integrity and respect, and cooperate fully with HMRC in a timely manner.

This statement is applicable for the taxable year ending January 31, 2023.

[Dated January 18, 2022]

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