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Code of conduct

Learn how Genesys conducts itself around the world.

We are the directors, managers, officers, employees and contractors of Genesys. We live and work all over the world in a variety of cultures under a range of often diverse legal frameworks, but we are united in our goal to conduct ourselves ethically, morally, responsibly, with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws. These are our commitments:

To Our Customers

We commit to maintaining our customers’ trust, loyalty and respect by designing and delivering innovative, high-quality, secure and reliable products and services. We will not offer our customers gifts or entertainment that might improperly influence their business decisions, and we will avoid all other corrupt, illegal, dishonest or deceptive business practices. We will accurately and fairly describe our products and services. We will not misrepresent our capabilities, even if it means losing a sale.

To Our Business Partners

We commit to selecting our resellers, suppliers and other business partners based on merit, reputation and ability to help Genesys meet its business objectives, considering price, quality, delivery capability, integrity, social responsibility and other relevant factors. We will require our business partners to conduct themselves ethically, morally, responsibly, with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws.

To Our Competitors

We commit to competing vigorously, but also fairly, by following all applicable competition or antitrust laws. We will obtain information about our competitors only by lawful means, and we will use that information responsibly. We will respect the intellectual property rights of our competitors and others. We will comply with all international trade laws, including all applicable export, import and sanctions laws in the countries where we conduct business.

To Our Communities

We commit to serving and enhancing the communities where we live and work. We will protect the environment and the health and safety of the communities where we conduct business by respecting all applicable environmental, health and safety laws.

To Those Who Have an Interest in Our Assets

We commit to safeguarding Genesys’s tangible, intangible and financial assets, including its intellectual property, proprietary information and goodwill, by following Genesys policies and procedures to prevent loss, theft or unauthorized use. We will spend Genesys funds only for legitimate business purposes and consistent with Genesys policies. We will enter into contractual commitments on behalf of Genesys only with the prior approvals required by Genesys policies. We will use the internet and e-mail access provided to us by Genesys for legitimate business purposes and otherwise in compliance with all Genesys policies. We will ensure the complete, accurate and timely internal and external reporting of financial information within the scope of our responsibilities.

To Those Who Trust Us with Their Information

We commit to protect and manage our personal employee and customer data and to abide by all applicable data privacy laws. We will maintain this information only to the extent required for business, legal or contractual purposes, and we will limit access to that data to those who need it for legitimate business, legal or contractual purposes. We will manage our records in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and Genesys policies. We will share confidential information obtained from others only with (i) authorized Genesys employees having a legitimate need to know or (ii) third parties with prior approval and reasonable safeguards.

To Our Leaders

We commit to promoting the goals set by our management. We will not compete with Genesys or improperly use our relationship with Genesys or our possession of Genesys assets for personal gain. We will use our best efforts to avoid conflicts of interest and, where such conflicts cannot be avoided, we will timely disclose and resolve those conflicts in accordance with Genesys policies. We will not accept gifts or entertainment that may influence our business judgment.

To Our Co-Workers

We commit to maintaining a safe, healthy and secure work environment that encourages innovation, creative thinking and teamwork. We will treat each other with respect and communicate openly. We will comply with all applicable human rights, civil rights and employment laws wherever we work, and we will not practice unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

To Ourselves

We commit to improving constantly. We will never stop learning. We will maintain a good attitude and have fun.

* * *

We recognize that (i) this Code of Conduct defines Genesys’s expectations for all of us, (ii) we will be asked to review the Code of Conduct at regular intervals and acknowledge that we are familiar with its contents, and (iii) Genesys may take disciplinary action against anyone who fails to comply with the Code of Conduct.

We understand that (i) Genesys has adopted other policies and procedures, many of which elaborate on the commitments set forth in the Code of Conduct, (ii) we are obligated to comply with those policies and procedures, and (iii) we can find those policies and procedures and other resources at the Compliance website.

* * *

If we suspect or observe a violation of the Code of Conduct or any other Genesys policy or law, we will report it by contacting one of the following:

  • Our manager
  • The Human Resources Department
  • The Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • The Legal Department at
  • The Genesys Compliance Helpline at or by telephone at one of the following numbers:
    • 855-260-7436 (inside the United States and Canada)
    • 1-866-294-9572 (text telephone for the hearing impaired inside the United States and Canada)
    • The number listed at the Genesys Compliance Helpline website identified above (outside North America in a variety of languages)

Genesys will not retaliate against us if we report, in good faith, a suspected violation of law or Genesys policy.

* * *

Each of us, working together, can help Genesys succeed, but only if our conduct matches the commitments we’ve made in our Code of Conduct.