Pindrop Fraud Detection for Genesys

Pindrop Fraud Detection for Genesys

Protect your contact centers

In partnership with Pindrop, Genesys delivers the highest level of phone fraud detection possible for maximum prevention of financial loss from fraudulent callers. The Pindrop mission is to provide security, trust, and identity verification for all inbound and outbound calls. Pindrop solutions protect enterprise call centers and phone users by combining authentication and fraud detection technology to identify low risk callers and detect malicious callers. With Pindrop, your call centers can identify and treat legitimate callers to an improved customer experience and protect the organization from fraudulent callers.

How Pindrop works

The Pindrop solution Phoneprinting creates a distinctive identifier for each caller. It takes approximately 30 seconds of call audio to break the audio into 147 unique call “features.” Pindrop solutions use these features to create an identifier for each caller. This analysis reveals a caller’s true location, device type, and more. The phoneprint is highly resilient and able to detect voice distortion, caller ID spoofing, gateway hijacking, and other obfuscation techniques. In addition, Pindrop solutions identify multiple callers associated with the same phoneprint, which allows enterprises to detect and track fraud rings.


  • Seamless integration with Genesys Customer Experience Platform
  • One-stop shopping (including billing and payment)
  • Single point-of-contact for customer support
  • Eliminate 80% or more of phone fraud
  • Lower operation costs
  • Millions of dollars saved annually

Key Features

  • Stop phone fraud
  • Reduce call center operations cost
  • Improve customer experience
  • Protect reputation

What you don't hear can hurt you

Pindrop solutions monitor and analyze any phone call in your telecommunications environment, protecting enterprises before, during, and after both inbound and outbound calls. With Pindrop, organizations can:

Stop phone fraud

Criminals impersonate legitimate customers, using stolen identities or stolen credit cards, leading to account takeovers and chargebacks. Pindrop identifies and flags suspicious callers.

Reduce call center operations cost

When call center agents know which calls are high and low risk, they can optimize the time they spend on authentication questions, reducing the average call time and your call center operations costs.

Improve customer experience

Customers use the call center for their most complicated issues. By using Pindrop solutions to reduce authentication processes for low risk callers, agents get straight to solving customer problems.

Protect reputation

When fraudsters gain access to customer information and accounts over the phone channel, you are at risk for brand reputation and potential regulatory damages. Pindrop secures the call center, protecting your reputation.

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